Good Times, Great Oldies

Several of my best friends came over on Monday night. There was little conversation about the past, but instead what we, and people we know, have in store for our collective futures. Relationships, careers, life issues.
I'll be honest, the process of getting plans together for the eight of us was quite and adventure. I hereby place these responsibilities in the hands of the wives whose real-life jobs are all about planning. That would not include me obviously. I am a horrible event planner, which is evident from the debacle I created - and the wives had to all straighten out.

I hear (and know) about how most friendships fade and fail after high school, yet I am not that unlucky. I have been able to keep close tabs on a few gentlemen who still influence my life (and I hope I reciprocate).

The reason I bring this up is because one of my best friends, Bob, will be heading back overseas tomorrow. Granted it will take him around 5 days to get back to where he came from, we won't get to see him face -to-face again til July. Thankful the first half of his tour has felt short (for me). And I'm sure his wife would differ.

Be thinking about those you know who are serving. I'm not big on war, but I am big on keeping those close to me safe. And this is where it gets hard. Bob is very far away physically, yet I want to protect him. Him, Bob, a man who can probably strangle me more times than there are letters in the alpha bet thanks to the US Army.

Yes I want him to be safe. Say a prayer for those you hold dear, in hopes you may see them soon.