Busyness, or Business

Business has gotten the best of me. Not my business, as in a store or a resteraunt - just me being busy, busyness (sp?).

Oh well. So it goes I guess. So now I'm married and happy. I have never been so content with another person. I have never felt so full of life. I have a new desire for the small things in life like taking walks, sitting under a tree, reading a book with a purpose, friends I never see, wanting to buy a bike to traverse the urban countryside that is Nashville.

School is going well. As it stands right now I will be graduating in May of 2008. I am currently doing very well in my classes. Summer classes, my new poison, are lining up (I'm taking 3 this summer again - much the same as last summer).

I am a substitute for Metro Nashville Public Schools and am loving it. Each new day brings new challenges (some of which have been shared).

Not much else is going on. Amanda and I are always filling up our days with our family and friends. My music preference is changing. I am an old man.

Welcome back.