I'm Not Sure If a Straight Man Singing "It's Raining Men" Will Ever Be Appropriate

I think the soil here in Tennessee is saying, "Okay. I give up. Please stop raining." There was a cold snap yesterday night that caught me off guard. However, I do appreciate the chance to wear my jacket seeing as how it is the end of October.
I was starting to think I wouldn't get my moneys worth out of it this year.

I've been very sleepy lately. Usually I wake up before the alarm goes off up to an hour before it goes off, but with the rain and the time change approaching, my windows stay darker longer and I keep pressing the snooze button - not like me at all.

Thank you for the rain, by the way.


I'll Reach My Destination

I've been at home for almost 48 hours straight. I think I've caught up on my sleep too. Today alone, I think I took 3 naps. Pretty awesome if you ask me. My love of loves is on her way home now and we plan to have a good evening of resume creation, church attendance, bible reading, and other things. I'm glad I have a wife who knows how to do things I don't. She is a pro at all things financial. She is the development queen. And at the same time a very humbling woman.

The big man did a great job of pairing us up - I'll tell you what else...he always knows what is best for us all.

My wife and I had a excellent conversation, it's been almost ongoing since Sunday on the way back from her mom's house. I am confident that she knows what is best for me and always puts us first above all others. I may be taking a new direction in the new year. I am excited and not at all scared. I will finish my goal as I have set it right now and then begin a new journey in the winter months.

I want to hear God's voice and follow his words to my destination. I cannot handle myself and my goals alone. It is in him that I will rest. He is my protector and defender, my ever constant friend. A listening ear.

He is showing me his love through my wife and her love for me. I have received a wonderful gift this week.


Yeah, I Eat Organic-lly

I've talked this over with the wife and I feel I should share it.
Kroger really has pushed my buttons with their new Organic Foods billboard campaign.
I'll have to get a picture to post of it, for my retelling is insufficient.

Kroger is advertising Organic foods for their stores on these billboards. I guess they are trying to get people to stop shopping for Organic goodness at Publix. Anyway, the pictures of people on the billboard have giant heads and these strange expressions like, "I can't believe I found Organic food at Kroger!" or "I'm crazy looking because I buy Organic food!"

I know I'm exaggerating. I just find it amusing. Oh, and the billboard closest to our house has a hippie on it. Come on guys. I'm no hippie. Appeal to me by other means than making me look crazy for buying food that's actually worth buying.


If Randy Spivey Digs It, Why Can't I?

I just have one question. And maybe nobody has the answer.
Am I really supposed to like Bruce Springsteen or am I Un-American because I don't like his music?

I mean, who still buys this guys records? Really...

The Internet As A Proper Pronoun

The internet seems to be running slower than normal.
Why does this irritate when it should actually deter from from using the internet. And who actually capitalizes "internet". I mean just because Al Gore invented it doesn't mean it needs to be capitalized. Is it because the internet is bigger than one person?
I wonder if Wikipedia knows why...

It turns out, they do know why : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet#The_name_Internet
They also have a picture of the internet. Yeah.

I have listened to a new record that I have fallen in love with. At first, these tunes made me uneasy. I found them boring and not progressive. This partially is due to the fact that the copy I got was mixed poorly which, to any audiophile would make them shudder.
Regardless, I was ill impressed. It turns out, that this record is (and I hope I'm correct) a 90's record.
This makes sense - this record doesn't sound like their past offerings because they've only been around this decade and were not formed last decade.
It's MAE - Singularity

This record will not disappoint - it may take a few listens, but it will grab you as it did me.


Mr. Chismo Presents: The News

In technology news, Mrs. Chismo got a new iPod (which means I got mine back thank goodness).
In exercise news, now that I have an iPod again expect Mr. Chismo to run more often.
In education news, Mr. Chismo took a test today and has two tests on Thursday.
In iPod battery news, mine is dead thanks to forgetfulness to recharge.
In unrelated news, Mr. Chismo pops his neck a lot.