Meow, Baby.

Our cats have been acting normal for about two weeks now. We had Jackie spayed and declawed and Reagan declawed at the beginning of November. They are back to their loving selfs. Jackie still has bad breath though. And I can't help but notice.
It's almost Thanksgiving-a holiday Amanda and I didn't have to endure this time last year because we were on our honeymoon. Welcome to 2007, and now we have to figure out how to handle all the family plans so nobody feels left out. Pretty normal for most married couples, yes?
I thought so.

It hasn't been bad so far actually. But Christmas is around the corner (don't get me started on why people are already wearing snowflake necklaces in mid-November) and we will have to partition out our time once more. We can be grateful though, we do have family that wants to see us - and that is a blessing.

Classes for this semester are drawing to a close and I couldn't be happier. I hope to do fairly well in all 4 of my classes this time around. I need it for sure.

I have had a cough for the past two weeks or so. I made a doctor's appointment for Monday. I just hope it's not something serious. I didn't until Amanda mentioned the word 'bronchitis'.
And now I'm worried.