The Hopeful Politik

I have been experiencing a fellow co-worker's disdain for my choice of presidential candidate as of late. I find it very hard to have a discussion when I am being yelled at, and subsequently laughed at by this fellow because of the issues I take to heart. It gives me headaches frankly.
I feel it would be over-the-top if it come down to me not speaking to him. Now, there are some times when I do have to walk away. I then attempt to come back after serving a customer to restart this...I want to use the word "debate" but the way i am spoken to is anything but a debate...conversation to only arrive at the same destination once again - in disbelief.

I am not a One Issue Voter. I voted for Kerry in 2004, and I didn't vote for him solely because he served in the military. If we used only that criteria, how did our current Commander in Chief garner his place as the leader of our country? Hmph, I guess it wasn't as important of an issue eight years ago.

Issues I Care About:
Healthcare - Being someone whom has a 'pre-existing condition' I find it very appealing to have Guaranteed Eligibility.

Taxes - Giving the middle class a break, since the upper class has been getting a free ride for some time now.

Education - Reform No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Improper funding makes this program difficult to accomplish. And seeing as how this is my career choice, it directly affects me on a daily basis. Also, college should be more affordable to our children (high school diplomas are no longer the standard achievement in education, many jobs require at least a Bachelor's Degree).

Energy - "Drill Baby, Drill" is not only annoying, it does nothing to defer our attempt to eliminate our dependence on oil (it's a natural resource and is running dry quicker than expected). The environmental impact in the most remote areas of Alaska still need to be protected. Their loss of habitat is not something I can condone.

Women's Rights - Women earn around 77 cents per every dollar a man makes. Who else thinks this is right?

Public Service - Our nation is one of the strongest in the world, yet how many are watching TV when they could be helping our communities or local non-profit groups? More than you may think.

Fiscal Responsibility - Solely asking the nation to go shopping after 9/11 to "stop the terrorists" has obviously gotten us nowhere except deeper into debt and scrambling to bail out multi-billion dollar companies with a blank check.

I strive daily not to come off as "berating", "unintelligible", or "ignorant". This was supposed to be a short post. It looks like I had a few more feelings to get out. I hope you do not find this annoying, but instead revealing as to why I am making the decision that I am making. This is not meant to upset or ruffle anyone's feathers. I am not mad at anyone, just tired of the mess our country is in.

Godspeed and good night.