Let's Go Outside

I like rocks. I like trees too. Basically, I like manly things.
My fiancee has even found out lately I enjoy football, baseball, and other very sweaty sports. I guess it all busted out of my subconscious when I attended The 1st and Quite Possibly Annual Brothers Spivey Pigskin and Meatfest.

This was my first time to feel manly in a while. The entire premise of this day was to get all the men together and play flag football (another first for me) and then later on in the day eat meat and watch whatever football game happened to be on television.

This turned out to be a blast. How so? Well, despite only being thrown a pass (make that an incomplete pass) I awakened a part of myself that had for far too long laid dormant.

I am man. I like football too. I may have good tastes in household decor, an uncanny sense of pitch, and a killer music collection...But that doesn't mean I don't like to watch the World Series. Or for that matter, watch Peyton Manning do an excellent job every weekend.

My Car, It's A Not-So-Beautiful Thing

If there is one thing that irritates me more than anything - it's my car. I love you DateMobile, really I do. But there's just something about you that drives me crazy...

Maybe it's the lack of Air Conditioning or Heat. Maybe it's the incessant grinding noise you make when I want you to go in reverse. Could it possibly be the lack of shocks and thereof for the past year and a half I've been driving you. What about the tires that are almost balled in the rear? Maybe it's the cracks in the front windshield. Or perhaps the mileage..

Oh the mileage. There's something very humbling about a car that lasts for sixteen years on the road and has put over 307,800 miles under its "belt" (that was a pun about the different belts under the hood just in case you missed it).

Despite all these things, I still love you and cherish you DateMobile. Man you are so hot. You know how to turn the ladies on, or at least one lady I know. She's told me flat out that she'd much rather take you, DateMobile, to a fancy resteraunt on any given basis.

Well, your days may be coming to an end. That's all I can say right now. I just need some time apart. I just need some time for me, ya know. It's not you, it's me...that kind of deal.

I mean what more could I ask for?
My first car was a 1989 Pontiac GrandAm. Sweet stuff. I bought it my junior year of High School for $1000 bucks.
I burned up the motor when antifreeze got mixed in with the engine oil. Don't ask me how.
Then it was another gift to receive a 1994 Saturn 2 door coupe from Amanda's mom for free by golly! I loved this car except for the constant oil-burning engine that had to be refurbished after every 300 miles or so with fresh oil. But man it had leather seats and tinted windows. It was the deal!

Now it's you Mr. Corolla. A 5 speed stick I learned to drive in an hour to get to work at Sam's Club in Murfreesboro. At first we had good times, then summer rolled around and...well, I guess I wore out the AC(blower motor) cus I was oh so hot in my DateMobile so you decided to slowly begin your descent into the heaping mass of metal and plastic pushpinned-ceiling you are today.

I see you there...lonely in the parking lot, begging for the clutch to be repaired.
But no. I won't succumb to that. I checked your Kelley Blue Book value and I found out the truth. You're not worth anything more than $400 bucks!! There's no way on earth I'm gonna replace the clutch, especially when I get it priced from an honest mechanic for $800. You gotta be kidding me!

I've gotten two free cars in the past 5 years - talk about a deal!
However, you let yourself slip Corolla. How could you do this to yourself?
I've held back on this intervention for far too long now.

This might be the end.
Just give me some space for now...


Six Feet Gone

Nathan was always meant for Brenda.
Community is something we as humans require. However, it is a hard for me to want community. I feel this way because sometimes I find myself seeking solace in a cup of coffee or a quiet hole in the library. I would much rather not bother myself, or others for that matter, with mere talking. Sometimes I feel like I need no other humans to keep me sane. Better yet, I would prefer it if no one bothered me with petty drama (which thankfully does not exist much in my life), boring conversations which lead nowhere, or a person's constant need for fulfillment through mere presence.

Community is complicated. Community means people. And by association-people are complicated. This fact is obvious. This is what makes 'community' hard for me to grasp.

However, like I said before community is vital. I need the relationships I have in my life to keep me sane. As hard as I want to fight it, I can't get away from these people in my life. Maybe I'm done adding friends in my life. Maybe this is a reaction to the fact that I don't get to see all the friends I have very often.
This is my observation nonetheless.

I would like to think I do not need anyone else. Or think that I am self-sufficent. But this is not the case. God built us to require others. He built us to need Him. He instilled a need for community in us because He knew we would be lonely otherwise. He created Eve because Adam was lonely.
This is something I can live with. For the time being, I don't mind community at all.


Digging Deeper Into The K-onspiracy

The power punk-pop-prowess (try saying that three times fast) of fabled band Relient K is coming to a head, so to speak.
I was very excited to hear about a new project by these fellows to be released in November by a teeny-tiny one-line ad on the back cover of the second latest issue of RELEVANT Magazine.
It simply stated:


Now I admit Relient K has achieved a much higher status than I once would have believed they could. This fact alone however will not deter my joy of listening to them any time soon. Granted, Amanda knows every word to, I assume, every song. This is a talent I have yet to acquire. I can sing you all the separate parts (in their proper key, mind you) but lyrics never have really been my thing. Now I am moved by lyrical expression, but the memorization thereof is quite impossible for me. I begin to make up lyrics, hum, sing the guitar solo to make up for my inadequacy.

I was researching the Relient K website last night to see they are pushing back the release til February. This is sad. I will say that have yet to see any press for this release which scared me. Relient K are on Capitol Records, a big budget record company - no press made no sense.

But I digress.
It will be titled Five Score and Seven Years Ago.
I am excited about this record. I was hoping to take it for the plane flight/car ride on the honeymoon, but this will not come to pass.
Until then I will have to settle with the new Copeland releasing on Oct. 31 Eat, Sleep Repeat.
Have a pleasant afternoon.


Play Me a Song Mr. Ben Folds Man

In the process of completing my laundry I have stumbled across some information. From what I hear, Ben Folds is throwing an in-studio concert on the 24th of October. This, as exciting as it is, will be something I'll have to miss. I love Mr. Folds. Witty, prolific, and Nashvillian. The performance is for the release of his new LP which combines all his internet EPs and some b-sides. This sounds like it'll be good. They say some parts have been re-recorded and everything has been remastered. Sign me up.
Despite my future plans for today, which consist of mainly working, I have unearthed my Ben Folds collection and am listening to him right now.

Now don't get me wrong, I think Ben Folds Five was a great enesmble - a supergroup if you will. Everything seemed to melt together to create this pop masterpiece that has yet to be replicated. However, I think Ben Folds' solo work far supercedes his previous work. Maybe it's the Nashville air (as congested it may be) that has changed his production or maybe it's just him getting older.
I do know I enjoy Ben Folds.

There are a few guilty pleasures I enjoy in this life, Ben Folds is not one of them. He should be enjoyed by many more then presently do.


Introductions Are Always My Downfall

Hello all.
In a vague attempt to chronicle all the goings on around these here parts I want to introduce you to this blog.
Say hello.

Now wasn't that nice?

I hope to analyze the world around me with a positive spin.
Included in posts to come:
- Possibly some social commentary
- Things I am excited about
- My meandering humor
- And the continuation of my blogs hence forth.

It seems that I grow tired of different journals/blogs.
At first I started off at DeadJournal (this was back in the dark ages (2002, 2003)- you totally had to have a friend give you a passcode to be considered part of this "elite"). Next was my movement to LiveJournal - it seemed happier. This made sense because I was happier (2003, 2004). After that, I heard about Xanga. Man, this seemed cool...not so much (2005). Then after a purposeful delay, I bridged the gap to that there MySpace.
Needless to say I 'use' my blogs.
To be honest, I despised "blogging" back at its advent.

Therefore, I welcome you to my blog.

It's WILL-CHEESE-MO if you were wondering.