The Great Concrete Yonder

I've been enjoying the outdoors the past few days thanks to a new bike I received for my birthday. When I was growing up, I was one of the kids whose mother wouldn't let him ride in the street - we were only allowed to stay in our yard. I would cycle tirelessly around our house over and over hopping from the back patio concrete onto the grass with a lil jump every time, brushing past the pine trees, crossing in front of the house, and then doing it over again. I would race my brother on his bike in the same fashion whilst remaining in our virtual prison.
But don't get me wrong, I did want to break free. I got the chance whenever my grandmother would come into to town to watch us. She was from the country, there weren't any boundaries us while we were there. Thankfully for me this translated to her visits in the city.
I would burst onto the street and pedal to the church (a good 2 miles away) and explore the same streets I had only seen through car windows. It was a whole new experience. I never was an expert at balancing my self while not holding the handlebars-but I can tell you it felt like those guys look when they ride-effortless and exciting all at once. I would then coast down the hill and slide into the driveway to check and see if my mother had come home. If she had not, I felt like I had won a contest and then I heading off once again to have my cheeks exposed to that graceful summer wind (and to stick one to the man at the same time).

PS: My mother still doesn't know I did this, don't squeal if you don't mind.


Say What You Mean; And Vice Versa

I am deep. Maybe I'm too deep. Often I speak in metaphors and confuse those around me - especially my wife. I don't know what it is about how I speak, or even write, but it even baffles me sometimes. Here's another example...
So, let's take for instance my ability (or sometimes inability) to write music. I like to write soft songs that make you think, cry, basically connect with you on an emotional level. The reason I want to have this connection is because I enjoy it when I hear music that connects with me other than on a visceral level. Songs that can be both complex and simple in style all while being something I would want to listen to on a lazy day. I can critique music and find things I enjoy. But for some reason, when it comes to my skills in this theater, I seem to fail.

I am inspired by many in the field of music and I have felt a tugging to reestablish my skill-set in song writing as of late. But I think I may have run out of things to say. I hope this isn't true. I am building my chops, trying to recover from the lapse since my last venture. Plans are to record some songs when Mr. Baxter returns from overseas. I am thinking of recording a few covers too to make the disc even out. Maybe some songs I like that could deal to have another rendition with my voice.

Have I ever told you how badly I want to be good at this? Most likely. But alas, I think there are very specific reasons I have lost my touch. I mean, let's look at it this way, if I was really good at song writing, then I probably wouldn't be as focused as I am on completing my degree. Maybe someday I'll be a rock star, or maybe ascribe less-than-moderate success within my friend circle...either way, as long as I like the songs I write, I will be happy.


The Way I Used To Be Is Not True Anymore

A warm bass line. A steady string of chords. A sprinkle of melody.
Fortunately, life has not been getting the best of me - even though it feels that way some times - but that is not the case in my head. It will be getting busier from here on out. I register this morning for the classes I hope to take this summer as well as next fall. It's already getting hot in here with me thinking about it. With the class schedule added to the work schedule I currently have, it'll be a miracle if anyone I know will ever see me except at the call center or in the classroom. But I have to keep telling myself it's worth it. And it truly is.
The paperwork is almost complete for my acceptance into Upper Division at MTSU (I will turn in the last piece today and wait). When I am accepted "it will only be a matter of time", as they say.
I can honestly say I have never been this excited to go to class ever. I'm sure that I will feel differently on the first day. Let's just hope that everything goes smoothly today. God is in control thankfully. I don't have the power to get all these things done.

Good news. I have been writing again lately and it has been good for me. I got my guitar back and have written a song that has thus dubbed me "Willy Cash". I hope to record a few songs. Who knows, I may even put them on the internet. I mean "Internet", sorry Mr. Gore. It's times like these where I wish I had an upright piano to plunk around on. Are these socially acceptable nowadays, or are you uncool and old?
I'll settle for uncool.

Oh yeah, and people are having babies. Lots of babies - just watch your back. I'm not giving an announcement, I'm just giving advice.