The Moe Man

A long day starts off slowly.
Today I begin my final days at the job where I have been employed for three years. Orientation begins for my new job next Monday. It is an odd feeling I have. Next Monday will be the first time in a long time that I will arrive to work and have no idea what I am supposed to do. This makes me weary, and at the same time excited. I wish I were downright upset or either or exceedingly giddy. but I am in-between those just trying to grapple with this new change. I know I will learn all the skills I need to perform my job as expected, but I am not used to this. Day after day I went to work, it was easy really. Serve customers, make those customers happy, teach new folks how to perform their job well. And now it is slowly winding down.

I have been told not to feel guilty, and I am just now getting over that feeling. I see how this new job will benefit me and my wife and know this is what is best for us. It just makes sense for our future. It's a no-brainer, if you will.

I have been reading lately. I hope this semester that I get to read much more than normal. I mean, reading textbooks is fun, but I'd rather read something else personally. (Isn't it odd how I still refer to time off school as semesters - I wonder if I will ever stop that?)

Just some thoughts I had. No bother. I know it will turn out well.
But I do know one thing for certain - The Beatles just sound better on a Saturday morning...they're not hitting the spot today.


Bronchitis, Broch-shmitis

I have been sick for roughly three months now. It all started with bronchitis - prescriptions were taken, weeks passed and my cough progressively got worse. The I went back to the doctor and I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. It was definitely not fun. It's fine to have people fawning over you if you are actually sick, but the deal with walking pneumonia is that you don't feel sick; no fever, no aches, no nada. I continued to go to work, never missing a day, finished out my classes and boosting my GPA.
Thankfully, I am well...I mean, I still get a tickle cough every now and then, but overall I am well.

The new semester has begun and the first time since 2001, I am not taking classes. It feels weird, but the break is necessary for me to apply to the upper division at school. I will hop back on the bandwagon refreshed and ready to finish up quickly. I am still working at Moe's in Brentwood delivering catering to doctor's offices and businesses almost daily since they have yet to find anyone competent enough to accomplish these tasks. It's hard being called the "Moe-Man". It kinda makes me sick to type it really.

The wife is doing well, working hard as always - and preparing delicious cuisine at the homefront. We survived the holidays even with my sickness.

In hopes to read more this semester, I finished a book very quickly last night. Cormac McCarthy's The Road was a pageturner. I mean, who doesn't like a book that Oprah recommends, I think it's pretty much against the rules really. It's a post-apocalyptic look at a man and his son on the road as they travel though an ashen world seeking supplies and just trying to survive. But, I'll warn you, McCarthy doesn't use quotation marks, so people like the wife find it hard to follow who is speaking. I on the other hand, don't mind the absence of them. I think it actually makes the story easier to read.
Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks I s'ppose.
If Oprah recommends something, I guess I pretty much have to agree now.
But don't tell anyone I said that.