And The Circle Gets The Square

I received notification via mail yesterday that I have completed all necessary testing requirements for Teacher Licensure. This means I passed all 4 parts of the PRAXIS II Exams. I've been waiting daily with bated breath til these results finally showed up in the mailbox. These included: 1) Elementary Education Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment, 2) Elementary Education - Content Knowledge, 3) reading Across the Curriculum: Elementary, and 4) Principles of Learning & Teaching; K-6. Impressive, no?

Now if I can just get through this semester and all the peer tutoring I get to do for my classes. I haven't had to work the past few days and it has given me an idea of what life with teaching in the morning and off in the evening will feel like. It's a very nice feeling indeed.

Days left in semester: 63

(It's just pitiful, eh?)


The Expiration of Summer

Here I am. The summer has but a few days til it expires and I have been enjoying some casual reading, casual napping (as opposed to formal napping), and casual working. I drove to school last week and purchased the books which my professors had assigned for the fall semester. I can't wait til the semester starts. I am taking 16 hours and have reduced my time at work to 34 hours to accommodate my school schedule which still give me health benefits.
I bet that it will be hard for me to sleep on Sunday before classes on Monday. Am I the only one whom has trouble falling asleep. Of course I mean among adults? I had this trouble when I was in elementary school and such. But this should not still be happening to me. It will most likely continue since I am going into education as my career. I have the opportunity to sign an early contract in Davidson County this February. This makes me rather excited, as it should.

I like to play music when I am doing things around the house. There's nothing like throwing on some fresh tunes while completing daily tasks. I have had two weeks without school where I worked my normal, non-school-accommodation schedule. This was very helpful for me since I've been barreling through the summer taking classes and trying to stay afloat.

It has been a good summer. I have enjoyed the time I have been able to spend with my wife. Our time has been limited because of our conflicting schedules. Luckily this pursuit is almost over and I will spend every night at home with her - this is truly the reward I am seeking. If you can find someone like that, then you are very lucky. And being able to realize you are lucky is a blessing.