Mr. Chismo Presents: The Typer & The Typee

I've taken several tests over the past week. It feels good knowing the answers.
I type this to you, The Typee. I, being The Typer, do this, not in order to confuse The Typee, but to see how many, if any, commas I can properly include in one sentence that still includes grammatical validity.

I'm a horrible typer, ask my wife. She's really fast.
Maybe, I should just leave things uncorrected and see how they go.
But isn't this a horrible way to live? It is for me anyways.
But see, I'm bad about typing just in spurts and then correcting those short spurts instead of typing a whole paragraph and correcting it afterwards. I have to see the big picture and be able to analyze it before I can move on. The small pieces have to make sense before the big picture will make sense.

This was not supposed to be about typing - I very much went off on a rant.

I had the chance to sit down and read this weekend. Although it was not as much as I find useful. I didn't have a single book checked out from the library for at least three weeks and then I finally found it appropriate to begin checking out new material. School was my priority. I had to get back in the flow of the semester.

Typee, hmm. It sounds smart.


Mr. Chismo Presents: The Stream

It rained today for a very long time. My shoes are wet as well as the lower half of my pants legs.
I feel like I'm running behind, but I'm right on track.
Homework to do.
There's chocolate on my pants that I didn't see til on my way to school - but it didn't bother me.
Some new things popped up on my radar. I hope I get to listen to some music soon. The family iPod is not Mr. Chismo's favorite.
Something smells funny and it may be my shirt.
How many right angles are present between 9:40 and 11:05 on a clock? Can it be determined? (that's part of my homework).
I wish I knew some kind of code...like if I typed "lts rn t th strt nd nt gt ht by crs" people would know what I typed.
Because I know what I typed.
Mahi x 2 tonight.
A warm drink and a fireplace sounds nice.
I need to write in my journal. Maybe I should write some music.
I want to borrow my dad's banjo and record something.
"Ambient" is the new cool word for music. People use it a lot now when really they mean "instrumental" or "wordless/lyricless" when actually it has a different meaning.
But I digress.

Back to work Mr. Chismo.

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