My summer's off to a good start. Well, I mean, it's June I know. I was expecting to be taking a class starting on Monday, but that didn't come through. The merry month of May was merry in the fact that I got to do lots of things with my family and Amanda.
Well, what have I been up to?
Julie, a friend of Amanda's from Mercy, and her fiance, Joe, came down from ole NYC to stay for a few days and we got to hang out and play our Wii together. We also went to see Pirates 3. Oddly enough, Amanda hadn't seen the first two films so I was updating her throughout the movie as to who were good and bad guys. She seemed to enjoy it despite her (in)experience with the previous chapters. Joe drove us back home and he let me borrow his iPod. I grabbed some stuff off there and was very pleased. At first I was listening to a few songs, then I changed my mind and started grabbing everything I could - I had to return it the following morning. I have a few tracks I really dig...especially this band called Anathallo. They are kinda mellow version of Broken Social Scene with horns and stuff like that. They have these parts where a gang of peeps start singing together. I'd call it a chorus, but it's more like a choir with shouts. They also have a righteous percussion section too.
And another band called Bernard. Bernard is neo-Coldplay/Keane except spiritually inclined. I couldn't sit and listen to Keane all day, but Bernard is another story. I guess you could say they are Keane, except they're good. Sheesh I sound mean.

Feel sorry for me won't you?
I have no AC in my truck. Yeah, it feels like the AC monster has taken away my chilly breezes which rise from my beautiful truck just like all my other vehicles. This will be summer #3 of no AC, if we don't get to fix it. But I think we're heading in the direction of replacing it.

Feel sorry for Amanda won't you?
She was in a car wreck on Thursday afternoon. She is okay thank goodness. A truck rear-ended her and aused her to hit the car in fronf ot her. Her Neon may be totalled. She has a rental for the time being. She has been sleeping long an often. She's feeling better.

I think I may take a nap now.