Coffee Can Only Do So Much

It's Saturday. What am I doing up? Doing what I do best, one can assume.
It's funny how I now have time to sit down and record my thoughts and I feel no need to do so, while if one had asked me two weeks ago if I would like to share how my life was going, I would have enough for a very lengthy post. I guess I'll keep it short, since the wife will probably stay asleep for only another half-hour, then we have to go grocery-ing.

But I digress. I find it funny when probed about the idea of high gas prices, that I don't really react...except when I see what we were paying in 1999 (that was the last time Nashville had gas under a dollar). Folks, I'll let you in on something, we're not going to stop driving anytime soon. So let's just stop fussing about gas. You're gonna pay it...I mean, seriously. Let's get off this subject since it leads down political paths, and there's bound to be an Al Gore joke in there as well.

My good friend Bob will be coming home very soon, and I can't wait. He's had surgery. From what I understand, he is still healing, and therefore not out "in the trenches". He is a great guy and is going through some hard stuff right now. But I know that he will persevere, it's only his nature.

I have one more week in my Language and Literacy course. I'm rocking it so far. Don't jinx me.
I better head downstairs to start the morning brew. M'lady likes her coffee-she especially likes it when she can feel it moving through her veins.

She's funny.
While, people just think I'm funny.