It somehow doesn't feel real. I have been working towards this for a very long time and finally it has come to fruition. I have finished my Student Teaching. Now the job hunt begins. My resume is updated and more exciting than ever because it has a degree, an actual degree on it instead of "in progress" next to it.

Here's to celebration and the completion of goals.
Thanks to those of you that have taught me along the way, your input in my life is invaluable.
Thanks also to my wife, for her love and support is limitless.

And thanks to my heavenly father for providing us with the resources to complete this journey.


Two Hands

I can count how many days I have left in the classroom on two hands - 10!
Who's excited?

Friday is my bday #26. That night is the Run for Mercy pasta party where we will carb up before...
The Country Music Marathon on this Saturday and I'm getting a little nervous about it (which technically means I am really pumped about it). 13.1 miles.

I am running for young girls with life-challenging issues such as self-harm and eating disorders that these girls may be broken free from the chains that are holding them. What are running for?


No Mo' Moe Man

My time is running out. Tick tock tick tock tick...

Tonight is my last night at Moe's in Brentwood. I have worked there since February 2005 with only six months off which I spent at Asurion. When I lock that door tonight my life will change forever. And no I am not being dramatic. My life has been comfortable in the classroom in a desk, but now I will transition to the other side; the educator. I am thankful for the time that it has taken me to get to this point in my educational career.
I would not be the man I am, and likewise gained the knowledge I have acquired, if I had taken another route. There was a weak moment in my life where I thought I was destined to pursue another career. I suffered through many semesters in the Music program, but came into my present situation only because of those experiences. God truly does guide our paths. Mine has come full circle, as all things do, and has thus made me a grateful child of God.

I begin my Student Teaching on Monday.

Am I nervous? ...ish. Yeah, nervous-ish. I was more nervous when I found out where I my placement was going to be, but now I am more comfortable with the idea of this being my last semester. And who wouldn't be comfortable with that? I mean, it has taken me long enough to finish college. I should be excited (and I am).

I won't have to work any more weekends. Nights. Open to close shifts. Be anybody's manager. Fry chips. Roll those wonderful burritos. Call people in to cover for someone. Have a separate set of work clothes. Count the money and be held accountable for other adults' attitudes. But don't get me wrong. I have enjoyed my job these past few years...I am only more excited about moving into the classroom. And if I didn't feel that way, I would be in big trouble.

My responsibility will be the students in my classroom, and that is something I am confident I can handle with integrity.